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Give chance a chance!

How often is your favourite song not playing on the radio when you switch on your car radio? How often is the time on your clock not 3.33pm or 12.12pm when you give it a quick glance? How often does the person on the other end of that handshake not have the same name as you? We are constantly surrounded by normality and order. There is little reason to recall the first song heard this morning vividly or the exact time on the clock at last glance, why would we? The chances are it had little personal relevance. Then, there is a moment in which our song comes plays when we needed to hear it the most. Maybe, for the past three days you have coincidentally looked at the clock the moment it strikes noon. It is easy to disregard the millions of non-coincidental moments in our lives during this one odd moment that has caught us off guard. The problem is this moment can distort a worldview for a lifetime.

I guess the Big Bang was a little different, it was the one event that got everything started. Yet, who is to say there wasn’t a million similar expansions, all too fast or too slow, before the one that allowed me to type this post into my keyboard? We don’t have the capabilities to suggest this, so I will refrain from treating it as the gospel truth, it would be silly to. It isn’t like our universe was necessarily set up for life from day one. Despite occurring 13.7 billion years ago, our earth only formed as a result 4.6 billion years ago, and human characteristics barely emerged into the millions (of years ago). Where is the coincidence in that?

If I have had to wait 13.7 billion years for the universe to favour my existence, even for a relatively brief moment in time, would it be accurate to say living goes against all odds? And why is God exempt from the same harsh criticism of having the odds against him? I was told a universe that produces the conditions that can support life would be one-in-a number with plenty of zero’s. I am willing to bet the odds of a God ‘just being there’ has a few more on the end.



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