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Future freedoms 

Historical buildings are beautiful. Historical religious buildings are not exempt from my opinion. Churches and cathedrals take my breath away with ease, they do regularly.

To me, religious buildings do not vary too much. They do a little, but you can easily guess what worshipers you will find inside by looking at the architecture. That is the problem for me, there can only differ so much. Largely, the main differences are fairly subtle. The local Church for Chinese Christians is unique in it’s appearance in my city. It is simply a building like every other in the street, with the words ‘Church for Chinese Christians’ along the front in bold text. Whenever I have seen a church differing in design, it is because the inhabitants have taken an average building and converted it into a place of worship.

I snapped this image a few years back when my sister sailed from Portsmouth to Amsterdam for the successful Tall Ships race. The Spinnaker Tower above dominates the skyline in Portsmouth, and when I take trips to see my family on the Isle of Wight, a good hour long ferry ride, I take a moment to scope out the tower on the mainland. This is what excites me about the future. A world in which architecture has that free pass to venture into new areas. I know that the past hasn’t been a total nightmare for architects, shackled to a strict religious practice to adhere to, however it will be great for many future architects to think of something new without the first thought being ‘I wonder what God would want here?’

The Spinnaker Tower above isn’t the best tower ever created, but to me it’s a pretty one. It made me think of the interesting shapes and designs we will have to look forward in the upcoming decades whilst I flick through old photos.

And looking at some of the brutalist concrete buildings of the sixties still standing today, dare I say that I kind of wish that religions had more of an input?

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