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151,600 people won’t see this today

I woke up today hating my 8.30am alarm. Despite the sun gleaming through my window, I couldn’t imagine an army getting me out of that warm, comfy bed without a decent resistance. I try to see the world in optimism. Try to see the death of a loved one as a life once lived, a late start to work as a great night before and a bad meal as food someone else is literally dying for. This is hard as the clock hits 8.31am.

It isn’t hard after my brain starts to function again. By the time I have been able to get my feet out of the bed and onto carpet (feeling like they are weighed down by a ships anchors) I try to get into that positive mindset. I looked down at my feet, the first thought I had this morning was that despite being in a moment of low mood and frustration, a hell of a lot of people did not get to do that today. Over 150,000 people did not get to experience that sunrise. The ability to get out of bed and start a brand new day, to meet people or to laugh.

I am bad for this. I overthink about what I don’t have and criminally under-appreciate what I take for granted. If I was able to switch my subconscious to appreciate what I have instead of overthinking what I don’t, over-analysing why I was not able to have it, my mind would be in a pretty blissful place. This isn’t always a good thing however. If this was the case, how ambitious would I be? Would I have a desire to travel, or to blog, or to eat new foods with new friends? Like most things, getting the right balance and constantly reviewing the two mindsets is key. For this reason, I choose to remain in a constant mode of wanting more, ensuring that each and everyday I take a few moments to remember what I have, or what I did have.

What I have tonight is a sunset that 151,600 people witnessed last night for the last time. Another six thousand people every hour will not live long enough to see tonight’s sunset, which is happening right now in the UK.

I need to remember this.



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  1. Deep and thought provoking. I love you admit the need for ambition to improve one’s self, I mentioned that in one of my posts as well.
    I think it should be ‘as the alarm clock hits 8:31’ instead of at. I hope pointing it out isn’t offensive, but better an acquaintance than a critic.

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