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Achieve goals on the way to achieving goals

I try to be creative when I can. It’s how I find motivation for the things I don’t have much motivation for. 

Take exercising for example. I find it incredibly dull. My main aim this year is to take a year out and explore a country. I’m thinking Australia as it is a corner of the world I have yet to visit and the visa for Brits is not too difficult to obtain. This is a big goal, no doubt about it.

I also want to eat healthy. I’m tired of that repetitive false promise to myself that it will start tomorrow. We always choose tomorrow as it never comes. So for me, planning a move in August will give me a good few months to work on my work out. I have started walking to and from work, a good 35 minute walk either way. I find jogging boring, however skating fun. So the skateboard it is, I often lose myself in my own world and have done a mile more than I would have on foot. Even if it isn’t as demanding, I will do it more often. I may learn a new trick in the process, a mini goal that will motivate me to keep up the skating and exercise, saving money that I would be spending on food and helping the goal of moving abroad in my sights.

My goal to travel is like the first skittle in a bowling alley. If I hit that one, others will probably get moving, too. Travel, healthier living, new skills and increased performance in my hobbies, all improve once there is a single goal to aim for. There are opportunities on the way to a goal, not just in achieving the goal itself.


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