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Why worry? It’s only money!

First things first. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t have the 20p coin in my wallet to complete the set. So close to a full house!


My sister is much better with her finances. I’m not one to splash out the second payday arrives, however she actually plans in advance. My flatmate is no better, he is in fact much worse, spending money I wish I had on items that aren’t necessities. 

He earns a lot more than I do, so I have to make a fair comparison. I was having a few beers with both my sister and flatmate recently, it was amusing to watch the pair- polar opposites- have a chat. 

He is in debt, but who isn’t? He was quick to defend his lifestyle before my sister had the chance to have an input. ‘It’s only money at the end of the day’. 

I have to state that this wasn’t said in an irresponsible, careless manner. He simply knows what he wants in life and if it’s a little out of reach, he will grab it with both hands and let the bank chase him afterwards. We both went to Brazil last year and Malaysia a couple years before that with a group of friends, holidays not possible without spending a little more than we had.

My bank balance says I can’t, my desire says otherwise

He has the same outlook on life as I do. Not an atheist, but someone that really wants to enjoy life and not let things like money get in the way of achieving this. What is wrong with this outlook? Even my sister related, something I wasn’t expecting to hear at all. She has this you only live once attitude, she enjoys it after saving long and hard for it. 

In reality, we need money. Yet there are many people out there that are so obsessed with saving money they aren’t living, or end up dying before the opportunity comes. Save until retirement? I wish my dad lived long enough to do just that. 

Life is too short to worry about things that prevent us from living. 


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  1. Life is too short to worry about things that prevent us from living! Right and I wish people knew and understood this better Good You shared that thought. It’s not about the money! Damn right Brother!

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