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Mark Zuckerberg is no longer and atheist?

Theists have rejoiced at the news, Mark Zuckerberg has stated he is no longer an atheist as he feels religion is ‘very important’.

I can’t have anything bad to say about the Facebook founder, however I would love to have a conversation with him regarding his reasoning. He is changing the world, I would say for the better, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down despite his incredible wealth. Is it more reasonable to suggest that being an atheist would damage potential business in the United States, especially with the implementation of a new, very unpredictable president?

It’s hard for me comprehend going back to religion after losing faith. The lack of evidence to entice me, the clear absence of a God leading to people of all walks of life giving their own perceptions and beliefs, often in violence. It’s too much of a messy belief system, (insert any religion here) to embrace again with open arms. A bit like running back to that cheating ex that you still don’t trust but gives you comfort. 

To state religion is important, sounds more like he embraces the idea of religion as a moral structure more than anything. Religion does help many people get through tough times, however it doesn’t help us get to the truth. I’m sure many people of faith will feel they have bragging rights at such a headline, however this does nothing to prove such a deity exists. 

The fact that Zuckerberg feels the need to help humanity surely makes him doubt Gods existence more often than not? I would hope so, even if it is concealed. 

Maybe we should start to worship him, for he is the one pair of hands working that is more effective than the millions of hands in prayer.


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  1. I’ve seen bloggers saying that Zuckerberg may have political aspirations, and so wants to distance himself from the “Atheist” label. But I think he still is one. Notice how his post didn’t say anything about actually believing in a god. I think he’s just doing the Bernie Sanders thing of answering the “religion” question instead of the “belief” question.

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  2. Not sure why you would be worried what the CEO of a technology company says about the existence of god. You should be way more concerned that Bart Ehrman has somewhat renounced atheism, since he is an expert in the history of early Christianity. Also, I’m not sure why your surprised that Zuckerborg is becoming religious. That tends to happen with age.


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