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Hello, 2017

I am confident most people will call 2016 a disaster. Whether it was a celebrity death or Brexit/Trump, millions will be happy to welcome in 2017. For those that voted Brexit or Trump, 2016 was probably seen in a completely different light. A success. 

I try not to determine how the year has gone by a general consensus. It takes the focus away from personal goals and a achievements, which are much more vital for success. For me, 2016 had been pretty damn good. I’ve tried to think of five examples of such, in 365 days it is easy to forget the good times amongst the more memorable and overwhelming bad days.

So here it goes.

1. I went to see Muse for the fourth time. 

It could have been the hundredth time and I would have been just as excited. I’m pretty sure these guys boost my quality of life by at least 25%, so I thank them for that.

2. I made the most of my sister living in a different city.

Edinburgh, or incrEdinburgh as it has been promoted as lately, is a nearby city that I rarely visited. Now, it’s nice to have a break from the norm and meet my sister for a coffee, beer maybe even a battered Mars Bar. Yum.

3. Bagpipe rock.

It’s a thing, and it is an amazing thing. The Scottish half of me from my mother and my love of rock music from my dad meant this was a winning combination. Search The Red Hot Chilli Pipers, you won’t regret it.

4. I visited Brazil.

Although it would be impossible to experience everything this amazing country has to offer, I gave it a damn good try. 

In a month I went to a wedding in São Paulo, the 2016 Opening Ceremony in Rio, experienced Iguazu Falls on both sides of the Brazil/Argentina border, stayed in every kind of accommodation possible and consumed as much food and drink as I could possibly handle. 

I have also made friends for life and although not fluent in Portuguese, I said enough to impress an air stewardess. 

Life goals.

5. I attended therapy to help understand how my mind works.

Which was fascinating. There is nothing more sobering than trying to figure out the incredible machine that drives us to think about consiousness in the first place and the problems that come along with it. I’ve learned techniques and a much better understanding of my conditions which will help in the long run.


Trying to make 2017 as eventful will be a hard task. This in turn makes me try harder. So this year, I have three goals.

1. Improve considerably on the guitar

2. Keep blogging frequently and have my book complete and published by June

3. Visit Australia

I’m hoping by doing as little as possible to save for such a trip, the first two goals will have much more time devoted to them. Sometimes, one goal is an opportunity to achieve others.

Have a happy 2017 and set yourself an awesome goal along the way!!!


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