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When other people’s conversations speak directly to you 

I am out looking for last minute presents, in my own little world trying to distance myself from the sheer volume of people clearly leaving things last minute, as I oh so regularly do.

Out of the blue, I heard one lady say to another, ‘You know, you should stop overthinking and going back to things that have happened long ago’. It’s the only sentence I overheard amongst the thousands of conversations surrounding me. 

I almost turned round and told her to give me a break. I’m trying!


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  1. I know the feeling. I sometimes overhear people talking about some topic I’m interested in, and I’m like should I join the conversation or should I not? I think it’s got to do with selective attention, the psychological process through which our senses decide which information should be notices and which should not.

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    • I’m glad you think this too, being a Sam in England, I hear my name called all the time in amongst hundreds of conversations. Some lady was shouting at her husband in the street yesterday and I thought she was angry at me, no joke.


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