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Jedi not a religion as it doesn’t ‘promote ethical or moral improvement’

A sad day for Jediism in the UK, it has been ruled that Jedi is not a religion as it didn’t ‘promote moral or ethical improvement’ for charity law purpose in England and Wales. On the BBC Website it states:

“In the 2011 census, 177,000 people declared themselves Jedi under the religion section, making it the seventh most popular religion.The following began as a tongue-in-cheek response from some atheists on the UK’s 2001 census when a question on religious belief was asked for the first time.”

It is the moral and ethical section that gets me. At the same time this news is coming out, it seems there has been another possible terrorist incident in Berlin. It’s about time we started introducing religions that were indeed moral and ethical.


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  1. Weird, if Jedi-ism isn’t a religion then Islam is definitely not a religion by that criteria. Islam has the strongest in-group, out-group dynamic, does not benefit society and can be argued to be a hindrance to it, provides very little in terms of ethics (treating orphans well and mandatory giving of alms to the poor, but little else). The 5 pillars only has 1 pillar that benefits society which is alms to the poor. It can be argued that Islam is the less spiritual then Jedi-ism, and may actually be devoid of any “spirituality,”since most Islamic scholars claim that the shahadah is the most profound teaching in Islam, which is only quantifies how many god’s there are (1) and that Mo is said god’s prophet. The shahadah has to be the least life changing belief right there with Scientology. I would even say that Scientology is more “spiritual” then Islam.

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