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I am confident that people of the very distant future will use the word ‘worship’ only when gaining an insight into historical human behaviours and rituals. In the same way that ‘master’ is no longer a word used to describe slave owners, ‘worship’ dehumanises. The day we abandon the word, the sooner we will learn that strength does not necessarily deserve praise. 

Do you think that worship sounds outdated and will be abandoned in the foreseeable future, or will it survive as long as humanity will?


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  1. Ultimately, although a term not necessarily used in our culture, the act of worship is still very much alive. Instagram thrives on the worship of self (I was actually just reading an article on the psychological drive of self in social media), stars in both music and movies are worshiped by culture and certain causes are lifted up as this item to be worshiped. In some sense today, culture is even worshiped…. Power/strength though do not necessitate worship (nor should they), I wholeheartedly concur. Personally I think that this is an intrinsic state of the human consciousness and we will never be free of worship, especially that of ourselves. 🙂

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    • Thanks for the input. Would you not say that worshipping a deity that demands it is worse than idolising a celebrity that isn’t forcing it but it gaining respect? Celebrities at least communicate to their fans regularly through platforms such as Instagram…


  2. That is a good question… one that I may or may not use sometime to write about. I owe you one. However, I think that completely depends on the deity. Deity is a term with so much emotional and philosophical baggage that it would be a fools errand to try to justify anything using simply that term. For me personally, worship is simply an acknowledgement of something greater than myself. Generally speaking anyways… specifics are impossible to define in a few hundred characters. 🙂


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