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Hating those that love us to love one that hates us

It is a very depressing fact that we are willing to abandon those that are so close to us in the hope of pleasing a deity that we have never met. I know personally of one occasion where a child has been kicked out of the family home. I have heard friends in the States (TX in particular) aware of this happening.

It isn’t uncommon. Videos on YouTube can be found of angered parents, this one in particular annoys the hell out of me. 

There are also multiple Reddit posts from kids asking for advice from the community. I was reading one in which parents had snooped into the child’s inbox on Facebook, reading his conversations with a friend on how they were no longer religious. His bags were packed and on the drive when he came back from school that day, the door unanswered regardless of how long he had knocked.

To feel such anger towards your own child is beyond my comprehension. Even this is pretty tame in comparison to violence and murder seen towards infidels and those leaving religion in some of the more oppressed regions of the world. How can religion claim to be necessary for morality if love and compassion can be switched off like a light overnight?


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  1. While not an atheist myself, I can totally relate to how fake religion hurts everyone. The subscription to a moral prowess above the rest of world, behave a certain way or be tossed out of the house, etc etc. In fact my previous self probably did do some harm to some people.. Sadly enough. We live in a world where respect seems to have lost it’s meaning and as such we only respect those whom we agree with. It’s a crying shame. Looking forward to some respectful in depth conversation about issues and some learning!


    • We live in a world that has rarely had respect! The world has always only respected those that agree with others and to disagree has often led to some awful repercussions, the Spanish Inquisition etc. I’m not sure what the normal bar conversation is… Football? Girls? It depends who I’m with to be honest!


      • Yes, you are right. I guess historically speaking I am in error, however I was more or less speaking with my grandparents in mind. Holding doors, shaking hands, waving at strangers and all that good stuff. Lol and yes.. Cheslea is quite recently a very controversial discussion starter.


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