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Girls Don’t Drink Beer!?

Let me take you back a few months. I was checking into a hotel, one that offered a complimentary mini bar for all guests. A lady in her late forties to early fifties arrived beside me and was listening to the information before getting her room key. She was clearly a regular, a pleasant lady however there was one aspect of the hotel stay she did not agree with. 

As best as I can recall, this was the brief conversation:

Guest: ‘Have you stopped offering wine in the mini bar?’

Receptionist: ‘We still have them in stock however we offer two bottles of local ale instead. If you would like me to switch them for you I can do so?’

Guest: ‘No thanks it’s fine, it just feels very sixties to me. A beer for the gentleman and a lemonade for the lady, that’s all.’

Now after we both checked in and I was waiting around in the lobby, a same sex couple checked in. Two females and probably in their early thirties. I wasn’t listening in but I could hear the same check in procedure. This time, the receptionist clearly thought about the earlier conversation. 

Receptionist: ‘The mini fridge has two complimentary ales however if you prefer wine I can switch them for you.’

Guest: ‘Oh don’t do that, I like beer!’

Aha! The poor guy was caught out twice. I felt for him as on two seperate occasions he, on no fault of his own, seemed a little condescending despite wanting what was best for the guest. It is certainly an interesting discussion, one I had last night with a couple of girls as they downed pints of cider. Is it bad to assume girls prefer wine, or worse to expect anything else?

As a guy, who knows. I guess on a first date it’s best if I simply offer to pay for it and not hazard a guess in the mean time. It’s much safer than seeming a mysoginist, not a great first impression.

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  1. ‘No thanks it’s fine, it just feels very sixties to me. A beer for the gentleman and a lemonade for the lady, that’s all.’

    It also feels very sixties to assume that women won’t be interested in trying the local ale.

    Of course, I don’t like either wine or ale, pass me a cider please. And I never drink anything out of the minibar, much too expensive.

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    • This one was a free minibar! I never touch them otherwise. The fact that it was a local ale instead of a wine from God knows where made sense as to why they changed it. I’m heading out for dinner now, I’ll have a cider for you!

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      • No such thing as a “free” minibar, really. You pay for it one way or another. If you don’t pay extra, then it’s included in the price of your room.

        The local ale does make sense. If you have a special local product, why not promote it? Now if the brewery that made the ale was covering the costs of the minibar as a promotion, then maybe it really could be “free”.

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      • I guess it still is chargeable, and with only a few items in the fridge, the total cost to have access to the fridge isn’t that special…


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