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When will they see?

A few questions here.

Why is an uncreated God any more logical?

Why do car manufacturers, artists and architects avoid doubt over their own existence? Van Gogh’s existence was never doubted. How was a human being able to prove his existence- to the point it wasn’t questioned at all- more convincingly than a God?


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  1. There is no “logic” whatsoever to theism, as you point out. Theists are in constant psychic turmoil over their confabulations, but which response is better: to ignore their ridiculous conceits, or to pound away at their relentless twists of reality?

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    • I do both, I’m still not sure what is better. I like to reject such a claim if I know there are others that will hear me and possibly reconsider their views. It then becomes worthwhile and of value.


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