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We have a lot to learn

This is a picture of Roald Amundsen and others reaching the South Pole in 1911. Anyone using Google today will realise this is their current doodle, celebrating 105 years since the expedition.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Religions claim to know the answers to our universe. A species that only managed to conquer the South Pole after the invention of the camera, very recently indeed. We clearly do not have the ability to know and anyone that states they do is either lying or wildly overconfident. 

Admitting ignorance is more productive than claiming to have knowledge that we do not have.


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      • Yes, but even beyond that, it says that we have the fortune to be able to learn something. If everything boils down to “God did it,” there’s not much hope of having anything interesting to learn. There’s a sense of wonder about the universe precisely because we can say we don’t know.

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