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The reason you get paid monthly by your employers and after death by your religion 

It is one of the first questions asked in a new job. Is it fortnightly or monthly? We need our wage to live and unfortunately for us, a great portion of our time is spent working for it.

We could not live on pay any less frequent than that. Our bills would pile up and our families would begin to struggle. Let’s imagine for a second that one employer adopted a separate set of rules.

Employer: Great, we look forward to having you on board!

Employee: Thank you. May I ask what the pay dates are? Due to leaving my last place of work I am hoping that it is a smooth transition.

Employer:That is understandable. You will be paid when you terminate your contract with us.

Employee: So, I won’t get paid until I move on? How do I know when that will be?

Employer: Your pay will simply build up until you are done. It will come as one lump sum.

*Employee raises eyebrows*

Anyone can see the concern that the employee will clearly feel here. There is a reason why the company would opt out of regular pay and it is too big of a risk to take. Not to mention financially impossible.

Have you ever considered why we are not paid by God in monthly installments? It is because we are not paid at all. Because the promise of paradise is the day we are no longer able to function, the con carries onto the next generation. We are unable to bring back the dead, meaning billions of people can only hope that this payday comes. As worship isn’t our main job, we can willingly do so our whole lives.

If we apply the same critical analysis to religion as we do our employment contracts, we would see the world a little clearer, gaining freedom along the way. We never get to crack open the piggy bank before we leave, it is simply passed onto the next person who is then told it will fill over the stage of his or her lifetime.





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