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The one thing that makes travelling hard

The world begs to be roamed. The place you call home is a place someone considers a dream destination. If only the citizens of North Korea could see just how many people would visit if they had the chance. Travel doesn’t have to lead to sunshine and seawater. It is about experience. With borders and visas and customs and security, some people opt not to travel at all. There is one thing I envy about these people. 

Sometimes, the joys experienced are too much to give up. The friends gained, the relationships built, all turned to memories ever distant on that everlong flight home. I’ve felt overwhelming joy turn quickly into regret, depression and demotivation once I return, one that seems very selfish considering how lucky I have been to travel at all. Not that I can honestly help it, to experience such happiness in a short space of time, only for it to vanish again as quickly as it emerged, is a tough ride.

There are people I know that have never travelled. Never had to say goodbye to someone they met so briefly, never had to get back to ‘normality’. The one thing that I fear when experiencing new places is the reality that it won’t last. 

They say you shouldn’t regret but to be happy it happened at all, if only my mind was so considerate.


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  1. Beautiful post. I think this is something anyone with wanderlust experiences… it’s simply so painful to go “home”, back to the mundane, back to the expected. The world is so grand and there are so many beautiful faces, that of course it’s worth it to experience as much as possible. If only there were a way to collect a keychain of all your best friends met while travelling, or some other way to never have to leave behind the amazing adventures.

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