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Oh you’re from England! What part of London are you from?

My first ever visit to London was for a US Visa at the American Embassy. I have lost count of how many hours I was in there waiting for my name to be called, I killed time laughing with a travel buddy at our other friend that was sitting outside, refused entry because he missed one section of paperwork. He made it to the States, so I can laugh about it now.

Over there, I was frequently asked when I would be heading back to London. At this point in time I had explored more of the White House than my own capital! London is the destination for travellers, but how are so many people convinced that is where everyone resides? I also understand that the UK is a pretty small landmass, so nowhere is more than a 90 minute flight. 

I’m laughing about it now as I have had someone call my workplace asking, ‘Hey, is this Newcastle, London?’ It felt weird stating it was in fact Newcastle, England.

Can any of WordPress followers, American or elsewhere, relate to this? Are Brits as likely to do so?

I’m from Newcastle, we’re humans too!


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