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Annie is why your beliefs aren’t exempt from criticism

Meet Annie, a young girl living in Malawi, suffering from the condition albanism. I say suffering as like the ivory trade, Annie is at constant risk of being kidnapped and killed for body parts. Amnesty International have posted an article about her here.

I would love a world in which everyone could believe what they wanted without criticism. Truly. A world where belief was moulded around what made people feel good. We do live in such a world. People are free to believe what they want, evading logic in a quest to do what makes them feel good. The same people that criticise ‘militant atheism’ are the same ones that ask why children are being butchered for body parts. Turned into sex slaves and sold on.

I will never be ashamed of being ‘militant’ if the ones criticising it are preserving superstition that does real damage. A world full of people believing what makes them feel good could be wonderful, it is a shame adults cannot be trusted.


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  1. Militant is such a hateful and misleading term anyway. As if Atheists are the ones distributing violence to the masses. Good post! Keep putting your beliefs out there!

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