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Fear Makes Living Seem like a Bad Idea 

These are the adventures of James Kingston. It could be said that we are the maniacs for not wanting to do something so adrenaline fuelled in this short period of time we call life, what’s life without living?

We all fear something. I fear a lot of things and this really frustrates me. One thing I would love to do is skydive, I hate that my palms to fill with sweat to merely type it. I will do it, I hope.

We are more content with simply being alive than to put pedal to metal. A bit like buying a brand new TV and being content with keeping it in the box. It’s a sad reality that we avoid experiences that may kill us in return for a long  less adventurous life that one day, will kill us. 

The tragic loss of the Chapecoense football team from Brazil has the world offering their condolences. Due to the plane crash they were handed the title of the competition they reached the final of. A great gesture. This football final would have been the biggest game in their history, therefore, the win is an incredible achievement. As sad as I am of their short lives coming to such an end, they have accomplished something I can only currently dream of. 

Many, many lives are cut short throughout the world by individuals chasing their dreams. Is it more of a tragedy to chase a dream with an element of danger or to desire a long life without pushing that comfort zone?


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