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What someone really means when they type ‘God is Good’

I am reading online that the Ohio Senate are passing a bill to ban all abortions. Lisa, wherever she is in the world sporting a lovely pair of shades, commented with those three words.

I can only assume that ‘God is good’ is a substitute for the more time consuming:

‘I have very little to provide here of any worth. I have even less to give in terms of empathy with rape victims and those that need abortions due to the endless complications that come with pregnancy. I cannot be bothered to delve too deeply into the capabilities of a God that clearly wasn’t present when designing the reproductive system. I will also fail to acknowledge that God had no say whatsoever in the passing of this bill. So fuck it.’

Come to think of it, I now understand why she didn’t type that. God is good sounds so much better.


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