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Diversity limits our options

Michio Kaku once said that for humanity to reach ‘Type One’ status of his three levels of civilisation, we need to merge as a species. The Euro was the example he used for a world, or at least continent, coming together.

I try to buy coffee in quirky places, somewhere a little different. Every now and then, I have no other choice but to visit whatever chain is available in the train station, airport etc. Some people choose not to buy their products for the simple fact that they are ‘all over the place’, fearing a world without choice.

But is it a bad thing that I do use chains? Globalisation brings problems as does anything else. Should we be embracing something so inevitable in an evolving world? I love diversity, what I would love more would be to be one unified race that puts all of its capabilities behind one single goal of human progression. Then I may be able to cross galaxies and drink whatever crazy concoction they have been consuming for tens of thousands of years. 

That’s true diversity.


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