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Normality is weird

Normality is an illusion. I’ve said it before and I am reminded everyday. If enough people act weird, that becomes the norm. Every continent has its own unique way of doing things. Each country within, different to the last. As normal as you try to be, there are millions that think you’re a little strange. It’s just a relief they are too far away to tell you.

I’ve been labelled ‘weird’ due to my way of thinking and sometimes overthinking. I’m sure many readers have too. I have turned heads for being an atheist, this always humours me. A whole population can see a minority as strange or untrustworthy because the minority choose not to get down on their knees with everyone else, speaking to their own hands in prayer. Sometimes independent thought will confuse those that are reluctant to demonstrate it.

They too are weird, just in a way that is perceived as normal. It’s healthy to be weird and know about it, I worry for those that are weird in the masses.


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