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God struggles to do what humans can do with ease

The existence of David Beckham isn’t being debated in lecture halls. It isnt filling forums and comment threads. Why does Google predict I am going to ask if God exists and have confidence that I won’t ask the same for a global superstar?

Well, much of this is down to search popularity. The predicted autocomplete searches are largely down to regular searches. It seems the existence of David Beckham isn’t a popular question asked in the search engine and one of these reasons is his social media presence. Beckham’s Facebook Page has over 54 million likes. If people want to see what he is up to next, they will know pretty soon. If people want to catch him in person, I am sure it is possible with enough dedication. This goes for any high profile person. Unless they want to hide away, using Snowden as an example, they get in touch regularly. If they don’t, we ask why. Beckham, to the best of his ability, has rendered the question unworthy.

What would be very strange, is if his agent started to speak to fans on his behalf. If every Facebook post went along the lines of ‘Remember, David loves you!’ or ‘David is thinking of you right now, even if you can’t talk to him’. We would immediately question why this is the new norm. I am very confident such a disconnection with his millions of fans would be a terrible decision with negative outcomes.

If we are truly honest with ourselves, we debate the existence of God because there is a huge amount of dissatisfaction towards his efforts. It is that or there is very little to say he is there at all. I agree many of us aren’t happy with the evidence provided, this does not mean that we are asking too much and should change our attitudes. If God was working to the best of his ability, we wouldn’t have to doubt personal religious experiences. That feeling people of faith have inside. The deeply personal feeling that does not provide answers nor relevance to a wider audience. Snowden, a man on the run, still has enough presence in our lives to convince us that he exists. A challenge too great for God.

Why do we expect less from the one we believe is capable of so much more?


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  1. The god of the Jews (Yahweh) originally had a consort (Asherah). Most scholars believe she was removed from the torah during the Babylonian captivity, roughly 600 years before the birth of Jesus. The conception of God as an anthropomorphic being that directly intervenes in earthly affairs is exclusive to the torah. In the new testament, God is often thought of as an unknowable, inconceivable entity. Paul equates God with love. Over time, (non-fundamentalist) Christian conceptions of God have evolved. Like most atheists, you seem to think that all Christians believe in the fundamentalist God of the old testament. A great many do not, and hence don’t have any expectation that God would “make efforts”, “work”, or give you material evidence. Just pointing out that an anthropomorphic God and atheism are not the only alternatives.


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