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How to be an atheist at Christmas 

People wonder how this is possible and to be honest it is pretty easy. I’ll help you to know.

It is similar to not being in the army but playing Call of Duty. It’s like that Halloween party you attended even though you aren’t a real ghost. Joining in the mannequin challenge but have never been a mannequin or being a Cowboys fan without being a Cowboy, nor an American Footballer.

Anyone have any more? This is how I view it, anyway.


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  1. Like going to a ballgame with your spouse, when you don’t care about the sport being played. I can still enjoy the excitement, and the concessions, and how happy the people around me are, even if I have no opinions about the individual players, or any concern about who wins.

    Like taking your kids to Chuck-E-Cheese. The adults put up with the noise and bad pizza, because the kids are having SUCH a good time.

    Really, it’s about participating in a cultural tradition, keeping the fun parts, and ignoring the rest. I’ll sing Christmas music with my chorus, but I never play any at home. We put up a wreath, and a tree with simple round ornaments and a few FSM’s on it. (I’d prefer to skip the tree, but my kids still like it) We do presents, because that’s fun. A nice meal, some time off work, gathering with friends, all good.

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    • ‘It’s about participating in a cultural tradition, keeping the fun parts, and ignoring the rest’
      Right on. Can I ask of you teach your kids about the origins of Christmas, are they growing up with the stories of the virgin birth etc or do you skip the Bible altogether?


      • Right. Apologies, I was referring to what we are brought up with and the resulting general perception of Christmas. I always found it funny/interesting the similarities many of the belief systems such as virgin births, birth date, resurrection etc…


  2. My kids are grown now. I made sure they had the background on the christian mythology, just as I made sure that they knew about Greek and Norse mythology. They know what the christians are celebrating, but they just like decorations and presents and chocolate.

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