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This is the best drawing in the world

I had to present my highest qualification today for an interview, I searched high and low, all to no avail. What I found with ease was my school reports from the age of ten to seventeen, kept organised in a plastic folder in an easily accessible draw. 

In it were some pictures my parents decided to keep as I loved art. I remember the picture below well, a quick sketch that I rushed one evening as homework. I was very young, probably primary school. I recall thinking it was a great picture at the time.

It’s funny how we look back and disagree with our earlier opinions. At that age, it may have been a well drawn picture. It is far from being the best piece of art ever created. Sometimes a little age and wisdom helps us to realise we were previously wrong. If I was intelligent enough I would have realised that this picture isn’t as great as I thought it was. I would have noticed many flaws that were not there before. 

We convince ourselves that we are right on many occasions when in reality, we simply don’t know where we are going wrong. As a child I didn’t know the imperfections, where as I see them now. As an atheist I know that I do not know everything, and I prefer that to not knowing that I do not know. Religion gives the assumption that we do know, and this couldn’t be further from the truth.


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