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The next riff is in there somewhere!

Every great guitar riff ever created emerged from this tiny surface area. The most legendary of which can sometimes deceive us into thinking otherwise, seeming timeless, as if there was no day one. The top 100 riffs of all time, regardless of opinion, spawned from the same fretboard and strings, just in different orders. 

I like to compare it to cheat codes in a game. If a community presses enough buttons for a long enough period, we all enjoy Big Head Mode. If a hacker tries enough passwords, he or she enjoys unrestricted access. As long as we keep pressing strings, we will keep rocking to Sweet Child of Mine and Back in Black. The riffs are in there, just waiting to be discovered. 

Much of life is like this. Perseverance is key to creativity. No one picks up a guitar guided by the musical Gods, it’s much more simple. We are just as capable as anyone to achieve greatness, it just depends on how much we want it. We all use the same fretboard, platforms and tools as others, Everest wasn’t climbed by Spider-Man, but someone had to be the first. That person is usually very similar to the rest of us.


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  1. Using your same analogy, I might add that sometimes the “junk” is what ends up being the “jewel.” I’ve read that the intro riff to Sweet Child O’ Mine started out as a joke–Slash screwed around with it some but thought it was lame.

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    • I agree, and I didn’t know that! How wrong they were haha. That sounds similar to Kashmir by Zeppelin, the riff was originally used at the end of another song according to Jimmy Page.


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