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This is why I blog

For a species that hates violence, we sure do love to support it! Social media is amazing. Everyone has a voice and we can chat to anyone of any distance. We view news stories from all angles and watch the most amazing videos. Saying that, material that we deem innapropriate gets flagged as such. I know if I was to upload a video of animal cruelty, bullying or murder, I would either be banned or have my account suspended. So where does the following image sit on the moral spectrum of uploaded material?

My first contention is what we see immediately. Three males brutally executed after being nailed to a cross. What is it about this image that we deem to be family friendly? If this was a man on his knees in an orange jumpsuit or in the gallows, we wouldn’t hesitate to report it. Secondly, it’s a threat of eternal punishment. Is it our struggle to comprehend a duration of time to endure such misery that we allow the threat to go without protest? This image isn’t just accepted, it is being shared by parents, teachers and the like. If this is a picture we take pride in sharing, why do we despair when we hear reports of horrific violence towards others?


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