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‘I would rather be a follower of another God than be an atheist!’ 

It’s very obvious that some believers simply want a God to reign over them than none at all. It doesn’t matter which one- Zeus, Jesus, Thor… Who cares? As long as there is one, it’s all good. 

This seems to be the case over at Faith, Philosophy and Science in his/her post Atheism: A growing or dying ideology?

There are lots of stats thrown into the mix. Basically, non religious populations will die out and will be insignificant compared to religious numbers in the upcoming decades.  I won’t look into the validity as it is irrelevant. If people of faith are having more babies… Erm, Jesus really existed? Is this the point? There is nothing to be gained here when it comes to understanding our universe. 

The reason I mention this post is this. Many theists simply do not like the idea of a Godless world. It scares them. I understand how this can be a tough pill to swallow, having a safety net made by an enemy is better than no safety net at all. This is how I imagine it is perceived. Why else would someone take pride in another religion gaining ground? Disregarding Thou shalt have no other Gods seems to be an easy task.

After 2050, their numbers will start declining, as Christianity and Islam both undergo continuous major growth. Why are they going to begin declining? Very simple, babies. The non-religious have an extremely low fertility rate, and thus they do not reproduce enough in order to grow — they reproduce so little their numbers will disappear. Let’s examine the baby and fertility rate department of the non-religious, and how it will contribute to the death of the non-religious.

So no evidence needed, babies are enough proof…

This means that on the global level, the non-religious fad will get even more irrelevant. The fact is, atheists tend to cherry pick Western countries where this group is growing, like Australia or the United Kingdom or Canada, ignoring the rest of the world, where it is overall dying

I would like to add, the countries mentioned above are first world nations. This should be an important factor when looking at religious trends. Some nations with the highest birth rates are some of the words poorest and therefore unsurprisingly faithful. I don’t like to say it, truly, but some of the worlds most devout followers live in the worst conditions. God likes a sufferer.

Have you heard a similar argument? How optimistic are you that non religious populations will grow in the next 50 years?


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  1. Interesting post regarding my post on the statistical worldwide decline of the non-religious population. The fact is, my statistics come from Pew Research regarding the future of the number of the non-religious population, and Pew Research is very generous to the non-religious population — it presumes that from 2010-2050, a total of a hundred million people will entirely leave religion. The fact is, fertility rates have almost always been the main indicator of the future of major religious groups, and it is going to be the same with the non-religious population. Pew Research, might I tell you, is one of the worlds two most reliable sources on the future of religion — the other is the CSGC, and in their 2012 report on the future of religion, it’s even more devastating for the non-religious.

    “no evidence needed, babies are enough proof”

    Babies ARE the evidence. Have you ever heard of fertility rates? As I said in the post you reference, Japan has a fertility rate extraordinarily low — 1.41 kids per women if I remember correctly. Japan also just so happens to have the second most non-religious people in the world. I’m not guessing that the Japanese population will begin declining in the future to overestimate the non-religious losses, because if you look at the Worldometers statistics which derive information from the United Nations Population Division that keeps up with the year-by-year population of all the countries in the world, the Japanese population has ALREADY BEGUN declining, in fact it’s been declining for 2 years now! What’s more evident is that the population decline is speeding up in Japan. For example, in 2014, the population decline of Japan was about 149,000, but in 2015, it was 249,000! A major 2015 report from the United Nations Population Division from the Department of Cultural and Economic Affairs predicts that the Japanese population will be declining by over 600,000 people per year by 2050!

    As I said, babies ARE the evidence, because unless there are unseen levels of atheistic conversion coming in the future, fertility rates determine everything. And that’s really, really bad for the non-religious. Perhaps you should jump out of your sinking ship before it’s too late! Thanks for viewing my post as well. LOL.


    • Please stop mentioning this sinking ship, it’s pretty cringeworthy. The world has been a sinking ship for thousands of years and it probably won’t change anytime soon. What has your post got to do with proving a God governs the universe? Are you just happy to see a world where religion plays a part? I don’t see how your support of multiple religions proves any of them in particular.


      • The world has been a sinking ship for thousands of years? DISAGREED. My post has nothing to do with showing God governs the universe, it was only a response to the Atheists who actually believed that there group was increasing in numbers — I just wanted to show them it was going to die. If you want some of my posts regarding the veracity of Christianity, you want to click here…

        Or maybe here…

        You can’t seriously think that the objective of this post on future populations was to show Christianity or God was true, correct?


      • I’m not going to look at the links, as I shouldn’t have to have a WordPresser tell me about a God that is so much more powerful than all of us. It seems very fishy. My point is that many people use religions popularity as if it helps their case, which of course it doesn’t. I will end by saying that if you have to tell me about God, God isn’t doing his job. I expect much more and that is why I am not a theist!


      • No worries, no one is forcing you to look at the evidence — just don’t complain to the Christians when you claim there is none. I find atheists like yourself extraordinarily strange people, first you shout “show us the evidence!”, and when we do, you conclude that based off of our evidence, God doesn’t exist. It’s truly amazing. If this is where you want to end the conversation, so be it.


      • Of course you find atheists extraordinarily strange people, tribes in the Amazon find the concept of powered flight extraordinarily strange. This isn’t an insult. We are still a very primitive species, one that needs a God to make sense of the world. The problem with theism is that it believes a God must exist, however demanding proof demonstrating such power is not expected. If you feel words in an ancient book is enough proof of a God that is capable of literally anything, you are too easily satisfied. You wouldn’t believe someone was the worlds strongest man if they were capable of lifting a pencil would you? I struggle to see why God personally coming down and chatting to me in my living room is asking too much.


      • As we have been shown, I offer the evidence, you refuse to look at it, and conclude its not there. This sounds like the death cry of a dying ideology.

        You request to see God face to face — and in fact God has granted you this in the afterlife, so you needn’t fret about a lack of knowing God. The evidence I posted already ensures that this afterlife is in fact there, so there’s no need for you to assume it’s not necessarily there. Instead of continuously contributing to this atheistic delusion, and claiming that the reason God is shown to be the explanation of our universe is because humans are somehow “primitive” (which is nonsense), you should simply consider conversion. My blog has only been around for 3 months and it’s already breaking your spine it seems, why don’t you jump on the train of Christianity and stop being so discomforted in your atheistic life.


      • ‘In fact God has granted you this in the afterlife’ is the greatest con of all time. I can only have sympathy for you for not registering the trick of living a life in the false promise of being praised for it when you die. The only time you cannot reverse your decision. Humans are primitive. Central Africans have a life expectancy a little over 50 years and we still burn witches. To say it is nonsense to suggest we are primitive is to really underestimate the potential of our species. I’ll leave you to blog on Gods behalf, I hope you get that lovely reward after this life! I’m making sure this one counts.


      • Again, we have accusations of Christianity being false, even though evidence has been given. This is truly ridiculous, atheists are not people you can rationally discuss with. I am of course, not blogging on God’s behalf — He already did quite a bit to show He exists, I’m just trying to spread the message of the fact of Christianity.


      • Thanks. I’m trying to get the remaining few off the Titanic before it goes down. You should be more open minded, as atheism is merely a form of western socially acceptable insanity that got a little popular in a few Asian countries — that’s all it is. The failure of communism to conquer the world incited the death horn for this ideology. I’ll be waiting for you at the gate of the Kingdom of God.


      • Saying I’m an Atheist to most religions is like saying I’m a vegan to most meats LOOL. Atheism is the COMPLETE DISBELIEF to all gods, and just one completely breaks the trend, as veganism is COMPLETE NOT EATING of all meats, and just one breaks the trend.

        If there’s one thing I can tell you to do… It’s to break the trend.


  2. The “Nones” are growing quite well in the United States ,as is shown in the latest Free Inquiry magazine. This is a signal achievement, as this country is bedeviled by assured morons like the incoherent commenter here, exemplifying the newly emboldened racist and sexist Religious Right, now furiously staffing the White House and other captured institutions.
    Keep up the resistance to this horrid mini-trend- the youngsters just aren’t listening to this vile babble the way earlier Americans were.

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  3. Interesting. I don’t disagree with the statistics from Scientific Christian. The non-religious have historically been a minority. What is telling is that SC assumes that religious growth happens almost purely by birthrate.

    But in this millennium we have this thing called the internet. The mass sharing of ideas. People can compare religious claims in the comfort and privacy of their homes without the social peer pressure to conform. This is historically novel. Never before have people had the same access to information and ideas that they do today. When the vast number of religious uniqueness claims are compared it tends to invalidate the whole lot.

    It may not happen in our lifetime but the secularization of society is happening slowly but surely. At some point it may be secular babies that outnumber the religious.


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