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Should we visit nations that punish victims?

It had been shared a lot in the past 24 hours, a British woman has been arrested for extra-marital sex despite being a victim of gang rape in Dubai. More can be read in this report from The Independent. British men carried out the attack in a hotel room and when the female reported it she was arrested for ‘breaking Emirati laws’. Her attackers were able to fly home.

There are many nations that I would feel unsafe visiting due to unfair law. Although I am not female this story certainly makes me think twice about a trip to Dubai. I worked with a girl that lived in Dubai, I was curious to know what her experience was like. She had to be sensible with clothing, not to the oppressive extent that many live with under sharia law, closer to the dress code of a fancy restaurant. She also stated that she did not feel unsafe walking around with a partner or by herself, as men were too scared to look at her. The insight was valuable as I only had uneducated perceptions beforehand. Whether this is accurate or exaggerated compared to other perspectives, I am unsure. 

Is living in a society- be it for work or a sun tan-  justified if it is prepared to punish you unfairly the moment you become a victim? This question is not directed towards citizens of a nation. That is a different kettle of fish. The more we travel and hear stories of injustice conflicting with our perception of morality, we are talking about it. Whether this leads to quicker resolve, I guess only time will tell. 

The world is getting smaller, and our differences refuse to merge. Will we hear such stories coming from largely unreligious nations? I highly doubt so.


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