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Is adulthood a delusion?

Other than religion, what is the biggest scam humanity has witnessed? This was a question asked recently on the Atheist Republic Facebook Page, there were some pretty interesting points brought to the table. One follower answered with ‘Adulthood’.

The reasoning was that we all, despite some reluctance, act maturely in our nice suits during civilised coffee chats whilst deep down knowing no one knows what the hell they are doing. As atheists we do to some extent accept this lack of understanding, I guess this is a step forward. This doesn’t stop us conforming to society in ways that we sometimes do not agree with, particularly if one has a job that simply pays the bills. Adopting a persona or behaviours different to the natural one we fall back into once our work day is done.

I am reminded of this when giving in to temptation and grabbing a take away coffee. Despite being ‘one of those people’ I look around in my suit and look at everyone around me, trying to detach myself from the culture I am helping to mould. It sometimes feels as if I am in a set, like I have walked into Central Perk in the nineties. Everyone is having social catch ups, smiling away whilst stirring that funny wooden stick into their coffee. It is the acceptable adult playground and coffee is our favourite toy. It’s a weird feeling and I may be the only one to think it, but it just seems like people are there because it seems appropriate for their age and role more than anything.

There are opportunities to break this mould, one example is a bar in London that provides a ball pool for adults. This article provides a glimpse and a link to buy tickets.

Do we enjoy the role we are required to fulfil as we mature, or do we secretly want to relive our childhood days as adults? Sex is one aspect of our lives that we pretend doesn’t exist in professional circles, yet there is little that has such a driving force in our lives. Are we at fault for creating such illusions and going along with them, knowing deep down that it is little more than a facade that we pretend isn’t there?

I feel High School Never Ends by Bowling For Soup would be a very appropriate song to play us out.


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