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After this election, I felt like change. 

Well, I shall raise a toast to Religion Erased. After some careful thought on where I wanted to take my blog and what would continually fuel me to write, I think the recent election of President Trump was the deciding factor. 

I am British and our country seems to be split down the middle over Brexit, a similar trend seen with the Trump presidency. Both the UK and US have made decisions that aren’t being well received throughout the world. There isn’t much happiness to be found anywhere I look. 

I am a passionate atheist, and I will continue to blog on religion and atheism. I feel Religion Erased was too aggressive and I would like to welcome more of the WordPress community to my blog. One of my passions is travel (what WordPress site isn’t?!) and I have great stories, pictures and experiences that I am excited to share. 

By incorporating travel into my blog I am able to show the value that atheism has had on my life. I will share the great experiences I have had around the world, whether it be with Christian families in the US, friendly locals in the Islamic nation of Malaysia and the relatively non-religious Western Europe. Hopefully I will engage with atheist bloggers from these areas and hear what they have to say about life in their shoes.

Atheism has provided me a deep desire to travel the world and have new experiences, and I want theists to see my view for what it is. Without an afterlife, I want to enjoy this life more than I ever did. I do not see it as a pointless existence as incorrectly perceived by so many believers. No atheist does. Atheism is a blessing, we can enjoy life and not feel guilty about it. 

Living with Atheism is my aim to challenge the perception that religion is needed for hope, joy and morality and I will continue to spread common sense and reason through posts as I always have done.

I hope you all welcome the change, I will have some posts up soon!

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  1. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but ‘l8ving with atheism’ makes it sound like you are coping with a chronic illness or disability. I don’t think atheism necessarily fits that impression. It’s just a suggestion but perhaps something a bit more positive and Affirming? Sorry if I offend

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    • Hey KIA, I know exactly where you are coming from. It does sound like that and even though I am not one of them, I know there are many atheists out there in strict religious countries that do have to live with the stigma attached to being atheist or keep it a secret altogether. I also have Tourettes, so I hope the ‘living with’ section doesn’t offend anyone with disability or illness. It can however be as life changing for those disowned by parents etc.
      I’m trying to focus on the ‘Living’ part of it, and I think there are lots of dark and not very positive atheist blogs out there (not including yours!) and I’m hoping to create one with more optimism.

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