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CS Lewis and Christianity go together like Donald Trump and Presidency

Have noticed how often C.S Lewis’ name is mentioned in Christian blogs? Why does it seem appropriate to quote an author of fictional books- born in the 1800’s- in defence of theism?

World renown actors, musicians, authors, sport stars and the like may have some very inspiring words towards a belief and no doubt they will circulate online. 

They all have one thing in common, their expertise lies elsewhere. A large percentage of those that are hitting the Share button fear Donald Trump as president because he is not qualified. When it comes to presidency I guess the repercussions are more real as the effects are seen in life rather than death. The ‘Great Wall’ and all. I am uninspired by Christian Quotes in the same way you probably are uninspired by a reality star running for president.

Using the words of an author that made his name writing fiction, in support of biblical fiction, is hardly surprising.

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  1. While, I don’t agree with Lewis and theism in general, I don’t think you can dismiss his expertise as irrelevant. If we are to treat the Bible (properly) as literature, he is eminently qualified as one of the great storytellers of his generation. Further, he thought through the issues seriously, moving from atheism to belief.

    If we are to set aside C.S. Lewis as an apologist, it’s going to take a little more effort than that.

    Trump on the other hand fits your approach perfectly. I might even argue, he has no expertise.

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    • He was no doubt very intellectual, judging by his success. I agree that he would have thought through the issues seriously, however that doesn’t mean logically. He was a great author, no doubt about that. But does his expertise of reading and writing of fiction grant him a pedestal to stand on when it comes to our origins?


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