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‘I’ve spent too long believing’

Someone once told me that she had been learning about Christianity for too long to believe anything else. An RE teacher dedicated to religious understanding. 

I too, have devoted my life to my interests. I have played football for 25 years. I have listened to music for as long as I remember, my dad told me the first song I took a liking to was Voodoo Child by Hendrix, smiling as I tapped my chubby baby arms on the high chair tray. There is a reason why I am not selling out stadiums on a world tour and Jose Morinho is not in a hurry to call my phone.

I have to accept that desiring something to be true doesn’t always play a part in it being true. It’s still possible that I could become a professional sportsman but it’s incredibly unlikely. The same with my rockstar ambitions. At least with these it is still possible. With a belief in God, the rate of belief does not contribute the creation of a deity. 


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