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A Novice in a World Full of Experts

You would think we were a species living to the ripe old age of 500. Taking weekend breaks to the outer regions of the galaxy and seeing poverty as a historical state of existence. Our world is an overly confident place, with little justification. 

Billions are convinced they know what will happen after we die. Millions demand punishment for people claiming not to know. Why, in a world of such experts, would the idea of not knowing offend and aggravate so easily? We should only fear those that possess information that we do not. 

Maybe they aren’t experts. Maybe they are fearful of the novice and his unrelenting curiosity. The asking of questions with an expectation of expertise. Admitting he is a novice and exposing the experts for the little knowledge they possess. 

Life is a classroom in which we listen to the other kids before the teacher. It may be fun, but we aren’t learning.

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