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God causes fire on plane before takeoff?

What does everyone think was the reason God set this American Airlines flight on fire?

Was it:

A) The lady in 11A was destined to stay with her boyfriend in Chicago (Ross and Rachel style)

B) The man in 22B believed there was a homosexual on board 

C) God wanted the guy filming it to lose his attention seeking ways, clearly evident at the end 😂

We may never know! Potential answer that was later deemed too unlikely:

  • The plane suffered a fault

Happy flying!


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  1. Thanks god for letting a plane catch on fire? Thanks god for letting all those people get on the plane, when the fire could have happened on an empty plane before anybody got on?

    And thanks god for all the other plane crashes where people were actually killed?

    If their god is responsible for people escaping a fire, then he’s also responsible when they don’t. Can’t have it both ways.

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