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Atheists, what’s your angle of approach?

We, the atheist minority, are a small group in this world. Despite this we are rich in angles to attack religious belief. 

I have found that I am changing my approach. Demanding evidence from believers is a tough ask if they are convinced that evidence, like God, is out of our comprehension. Instead I much prefer to ask why people feel the need to defend a God possessing power out of our comprehension. Why defend a God that chooses to create us without the capability to understand? Why does he need defending?

As an atheist, what is your angle of attack? Demanding evidence, questioning a theists self respect, or something else entirely?


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  1. Angle of attack depends on who I am engaging. If it’s a preachy troll, I’ll let ’em have it, and demolish their nonsense. I’ll demand evidence, point out where their beliefs lead to bad behavior, ask the hard questions that apologists haven’t prepared them for, and laugh when they’re being stupid. Because I’m not writing for them, I’m writing for other lurking readers, who need to see the pompous apologists taken down a few notches. Gloves are off in those cases.

    If it’s somebody more polite and reasonably thoughtful online, I tend to go for a more “street epistemology” approach, with the goal of getting them to reason through how they came by their beliefs. But I’d still probably bring in some of the tough questions. (Like, if the gospel message is so important, why didn’t Jesus write it down himself?)

    And in person, I tend not to talk about religion with theists at all. I’m mostly pretty non-confrontational. Although if a street preacher tries to hand me a tract, I’ll hand them one of mine (Pastafarian) in trade, and say “I’ll read yours if you read mine”.

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      • My immediate family and personal friends know. My extended family, work colleagues and chorus members mostly don’t, and I like keeping it that way. That’s one of the reasons I’m not on Facebook.

        You can find tons of Pastafarian literature, including flyers, on the official website,

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  2. I’m leaning toward refusing to engage with them. What’s the point? They are relentlessly stupid, become stalkers at the drop of a hat, and waste precious server farm juice on propagation of chicken entrail reading -style nonsense.
    Social reality is far too dismal to waste on further aggravation through social media – though if you like it, by all means, please keep demolishing them. You’ve got guts.

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    • I do it in the hope that there are those out there that don’t fall into your description, although I am aware many do. I was one of those people that was willing to listen to reason and eventually convert to atheism despite being a theist (were you?), so that gives me hope!


      • I’ll give you a lot credit. I was just stuck in the nowhereland of not knowing what the hell was going in a Catholic household, and my mind just shook off the effects and weird dogma as my twenties commenced.
        Most all theists lack any capacity for altering their views, based on their cultural and familial conditioning, but if you’ve had success reaching the wavering types, good for you. What patience after a day’s work you must have, though. I remain too enraged by the enduring power of religious indoctrination, here and in other countries, to want to have to deal with them, at all.


      • Where are you from? I’m in the UK, so there isn’t much Christianity being thrown about. There is much more devout religion in other cultures emigrating here, and I couldn’t possibly criticise their reasoning without being perceived as the English Donald Trump. I get very frustrated when I hear about religious oppression anywhere and my blog is like the punching bag, where I can let out my frustrations. It is also the main reason I have enough content to write a book.


      • I’m from the US, though I have some family in Germany, so I know a little about how western societies can become less overtly and punishingly religious.
        By “English Donald Trump” do you mean Farage?

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