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Vatican tells Catholics, “You can’t keep your loved ones ashes”

The Vatican has produced a two page set of rules urging Catholics to choose burial instead of cremation and if cremation is preferred, it isn’t permitted by church officials. 

The Vatican has also stated that if cremation is preferred, the urn should not be kept at the home of loved ones but in a church or area set aside for the purpose of burial and cremation. The document states “The conservation of the ashes of the departed in a domestic residence is not permitted”. This apparently shows ‘respect and dignity for the human body’ and a church funeral may be denied for anyone planning to shatter ashes.

Even after death, we are told where we need to be. How is burial, involving much decay in the worm ridden soil, any more respectable other than because we are told so?

In an ever growing and aging population, this is another example of the church being strict but not practical.

Featured image taken from Tony Gentile / Reuters


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  1. It seems to me that the Catholic version of god is kind of a weak-ass god with limited powers. They think the dead will be resurrected, but think you actually need the bones, that cremation could somehow interfere with god doing that. They also think god gives their priests the magic power to turn crackers into Jesus, but can’t give them the magic power to turn the leftovers back into crackers again, so they have to build fancy leftover cabinets and make special rules about them instead. And magic beads make praying more effective somehow?

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  2. There is no mandate from old or new testaments about how to bury or not cremate. As with most things, the rcc is outside of scriptural warrant for the shit they make up to keep people in their control

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