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Theist complacency when preparing for an eternal afterlife

We spend more time planning for a college exam or a job interview than we do for an eternal afterlife. Is this stupidity or blind confidence?

You call a friend to go out for a few drinks. Their response is ‘Oh sorry, I really would if I didn’t have work early in the morning’. What you don’t hear is ‘Sorry, I would love to, it’s just I have this eternal afterlife than I need to make damn sure I get to’. With so much more at stake under Gods judgement, more than we could possibly imagine, why do we prioritise the smaller things? The job interview, the first date, the next family holiday. It’s as if we don’t believe there is an afterlife. That, or we feel we have ticked all the right boxes for salvation. 

The latter many would suggest is evident by the billions or worshippers that walk this earth. This still seems more arrogant than cautious. Each and every faith adheres to the practices they have been taught. When studying for an exam we don’t stick to what we think we know. We make sure to read each and every word in the correct text book. Having a coin with never ending bliss on one side and torment on the other, theists need to be reading each and every word of every text book from every religion. Anything less is either stupidity or more doubt in an afterlife than they care to admit.


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