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Christian preachers unaware as militant atheist sneaks up behind them…

Militant atheism receives a lot of stick. It’s relentless aggression towards religion never ceases, what does a couple have to do to spread his message in peace?

I didn’t say anything to these people. I decided to write a blog post instead. They had no idea I was behind them or of my atheism. To freely walk around confidently pushing their beliefs onto others shows just how little atheism is feared. It is condemned, not feared. How many atheists could walk around with such openness? In some countries it would be a death sentence.

If the son of an omnipotent God exists, the question they are asking wouldn’t be a question.
If we have people carrying trolleys full of information about Jesus in the aim to spread his message, Jesus isn’t too interested in spreading it himself. 

I have sympathy for anyone that spends a life trying to spread the message of a God that isn’t there or doesn’t care.


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