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Violence is tradition

‘What the heck is the world coming to?!’ 

…as if a historically peaceful world ended abruptly in early 2016. Every terror attack, natural disaster and death of another influential figure is met with cries that the planet is going downhill. As if the endless violence staining our history did not even occur. 

Is this belief in a world suddenly plagued by misery to blame for the preservation of religion? If theists realised the same wars we fight today have been fought for centuries, we wouldn’t have such a hard time criticising religion and a more free thinking future.


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  1. Right now I’m reading Steven Pinker’s “The Better Angels of our Nature”. His central thesis is that violence in the world isn’t on the rise, it’s going down. And over history, it’s gone down A LOT. It’s a really long book, because he spends a long time looking at actual data on this, showing that the rates of violent death were once very high, and have been on the decline and are now overall extremely low.

    People think things are worse, but I think that’s because the modern media spends all it’s time covering violence. Peacefulness, and things running the way they are supposed to, those don’t make headlines. “Our top story tonight, once again nobody was murdered in our city!” just doesn’t get ratings.

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    • Well that’s very welcoming news! I also assume the ease in which people can record footage of violence and have it replayed in the media is a factor, something not possible only a couple of decades back.

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