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Devoted believers

Someone devoting their life to religion doesn’t then render the ideology free from ridicule.

I have spent my whole life watching the Simpsons and this doesn’t mean Ned Flanders lives next door to me, nor should people feel guilty for questioning this.

The length of time someone has dedicated to a religion is a personal choice, not a truth.


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  1. There is “religion” with all it’s dogmas and rituals, and then there is relationship with Jesus Christ, Lord, Savior and Redeemer. (I do not see them as one and the same, nor do many with whom I associate).
    Those who have come to know Him, are aware and anticipate being mocked and scoffed; the warning was given long before any of us were ever born. (See John 15:18-25 of the New Testament in the Bible).
    The effects, the knowledge, the experience and the reality of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is not something that can be proven or given to another–nor need it be.
    For the person who knows what they have, they have no need to “prove” it. Their experience allows them to be fully aware it is not a delusion, or a mental illness.
    In fact, because this life experience is one in a fallen world where there will be trials and tribulation, one can have the blessings that come with a personal relationship with their God but still face the challenges of things such as OCD’s, depression, anxiety and the like.
    But, while dealing with such issues inherent in life, the one who has the indwelling of the Holy Spirit also has the comfort and peace that only Jesus Christ can offer to help offset those trials and to bring needed strength and patience in dealing with the challenges of mortality.


    • Is your God able to take away such inconveniences in our lives but chooses not to? What’s your stance on Gods ability to end misery or suffering, is he unable to change it?


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