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Do theists set the bar low for love?

I’m trying to decipher the logic of certain theists when it comes to love. Recently, I was talking to a blogger insinuating that they share a great relationship with God. I asked how this could be called a relationship if one hardly knows anything about the person that is supposed to love them in return.

I received a reply and in particular want to highlight this segment. My question was how is this apparent relationship growing stronger everyday? What do you know about God more today than yesterday? The blogger claimed that the bond with God was ever strengthening.

‘I can’t tell you what He is doing more today than yesterday, because I am just one of His many children, just like you couldn’t possibly tell me what more your father is doing today than yesterday…because you probably don’t know him as intimately as he knows you. If you could, then it probably means your father is idle or elderly and finished with all his work. Mine isn’t!’

Unfortunately my dad passed away three years back, but I can guarantee that if he was still here today, he would be in direct contact daily with my welfare in mind. He would also update me on his plans. I struggle to see how this makes him idle, elderly or finished with his work.

It means the exact opposite, he is doing a great job as he always did. He is being a loving father.


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