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Is belief in God a demonstration of open-mindedness?

A post today from an apparent atheist-to-theist convert had me thinking. Is leaning towards atheism restricting my thinking and confining my mind to the box I thought I was thinking outside of? Have I wasted my time believing 2+2=5?

Many certainly think so. This person in particular believes that atheism is a religion in itself, a religion worshipping nothing but nothing. Despite our strongest desires we cannot grasp the universe around us. There is so much more to it that we can see, so to view it from any kind of perspective is still heavily distorted. So why is a belief in God illogical? And why is any amount of evidence against God worthy if such a deity is able to live outside of our realms of understanding?

Well, a God living outside of our realm of understanding and vision is going about his business in the entirely wrong way. It doesn’t take a stroke of genius to understand that this isn’t the best way to find believers. In fact it is the worst way. It would be like advertising a product aimed at North Americans by promoting it entirely in Central Africa. Actually, it would be like not promoting it at all, blaming North Americans for not buying it and being closed minded for not assuming the product is on the market. 


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  1. “…a religion worshipping nothing but nothing”

    Sheesh – there’s that assumption from believers that everybody worships something. The alternative that some people might not “worship” at all just doesn’t occur to them. Or more likely, it’s been pounded into them that everybody worships something, because getting people to accept that makes it easier to keep them trapped in a particular belief.

    Given the multitude of god-concepts and different gods that humans have created, choosing belief in any one of them without adequate evidence cannot be “open minded”. Starting with the null hypothesis is the only way to be open-minded, without a predisposition to believe any specific one of the god claims, and not accepting any of them without reason.

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