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Miracles being answered?

I have just finished reading a blog post that described a group of 150 people that were asked whether or not they have experienced a miracle. Of the 150, 130 individuals raised their hand to state they have indeed had a prayer answered or experienced a miraculous change in their lives.

The author claimed his asthma disappeared after prayer. This is great news obviously. For me, I do not see a recovery from asthma as a miracle. My sister has asthma and as a child had terrible attacks. These have ceased overtime and is now much more bearable. Is this a miracle, or a body becoming stronger with age? 

I guarantee that the group of 130 people that experienced a miracle looked very much like you and I. I want to see a true miracle. I want to walk into that room and see people with wings. People that have become multi-lingual overnight. People that can see through walls. What I don’t want to hear is stories of people having an illness and recovering from it. As this is to me, very, very normal. 

Am I asking to much of a miracle? If you think so, you don’t have much faith in miracles yourself.


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  1. For me, “Something rather unlikely happening” does not qualify as a miracle. After all, think of something that has only a one-in-a-million chance of happening to a person on any given day. That thing probably happened to 11 people in New York City today. How many one-in-a-million chance things could have happened to me today but didn’t? Once we reach a million possible one-in-a-million chances, the expected value of one of those things happening says that we should expect one to randomly occur, without it having any meaning or intent behind it. We humans are good at confirmation bias and lousy at statistics.

    A real miracle for me would need to totally violate the laws of the universe, would need to be something where the normal chance of it happening is zero. And I’ve never seen one of those.

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  2. Just finished reading the afformentioned blog post. Just more confirmation bias. She will interpret whatever she feels is a miracle. She really has no idea of or concern for the definition.

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