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The philosophy of my subconscious 

I had one of those sleeps last night that consisted of dream after dream, despite the dreams being of varying natures. Sadly a couple of them have been forgotten already despite it still being morning, one of them stood out and is the one I am highlighting in this post. 

I was in the ocean. Possibly surfing   although I have never surfed before. Whatever I was doing there I ended up saving two people that were drowning. Maybe we were on a boat? I cannot recall. Whilst I was reaching for the surface after going down to grab the sinking bodies I heard someone say ‘You know, death is just a photograph taken by life’. And at the time it really caught my attention.

It could be seen as jibberish as it does not make much sense, however I can also look a little deeper and take meaning from it. It is true that we cannot comprehend death, only view and try to understand it from our consciousness. Similar to looking at an old photo or painting, we can only gain an understanding from that snapshot or perspective.

What fascinates me by that dream is that my subconscious created it. The dialogue and philosophical view created when I least expected it to. I wonder how many dreams I have had in the past that consisted of such deep thought in deep sleep, forgotten before I could write down. Emerging and disappearing again like grains of sand in the tide. Has anyone else experienced something similar? My dad always loved to hear of my dreams and is it any wonder why when they can be so boundless and amazing.


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