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God exists, you simply aren’t trying hard enough to find him!

Are you guilty of saying this to an atheist? This is a hugely overused reaction  when I address the reasons why a deity doesn’t respond, and is offensive for a couple of reasons. 

The first reason, why do you know me better than I know me? I want the truth and I understand that finding the truth involves being honest with myself. I know that when I try to find God, I’m not doing a half-arsed job of it. 

Secondly, why do I have to put the work in? If a God loves me I fully expect him to put the work in. There is no reason why I have to do so. I work full time, occasionally battle with mild mental health issues (personally and within the family) and have things I’ve got to do. But I have to try hard to find a God that is capable of anything? Ha!

I find it cute that God only responds when he sees that I have put everything into it, and does not give a little assistance on the way. 

Is it any wonder why religion is in decline?


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  1. “…why do you know me better than I know me?”

    Yes, this. And also, if their god does indeed exist, then their god would be the one who would actually know me better than I know me. Their god would know exactly what I would need to see in order to believe, and yet deliberately withholds it. That sounds like a god who wants to hide. And if an omnipotent god wants to hide, mere mortals aren’t going to be able to find him right?

    They say the being they believe in is all-powerful, but then they don’t actually act like they believe it’s all-powerful.

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    • It’s incredibly obvious that God doesn’t want to help, or God isn’t there to, isn’t it? No wonder there are so many people out there that insist on arguing that we need to do all the work, if we didn’t there would be no religion.

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