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Atheists: Thinking more using less bias

I would not claim to be intellectually superior to anyone. Not now not ever. I am a (fairly) normal guy with very average grades.

There are Christians capable of knocking me out of the park in terms of their scientific understanding of the universe. There are also Muslims that would easily hit that same home run with Christians. 

Having great academics on your side isn’t always a sign that your beliefs have a lot of evidential backing. It shows that even the most intelligent people need a faith to base their lives around. 

Head to YouTube and look for a debate from an intellectual of another faith, you will easily find one. One with a better grasp of your language very well equipped and experienced for a debate. Even if person X went to a top university studying evolutionary biology or quantum physics, does this help the case for a God they believe in?

Intelligent theists do not use intelligence to claim an existence in God. Bias decides that for them.

Usually the intellect is shown around a case for God, not God himself. God simply fills the hole when said intellect runs out and a hole remains. There is so little to feed off when trying to prove a God that doesn’t exist, the closest anyone can get is to comment on our existence ‘against all odds’ and a lack of need for a world without a creator.

This in no way points to any religion in particular, that is down to which one theists decide to believe in. This is where the bias comes in. To attach a belief system to our understanding of the world is to be done without intelligence. Bias can clearly be seen by comparing your beliefs to the beliefs around you. 

If you can think independently be truly honest to yourself, this really isn’t hard to see.


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