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British weather makes it damn hard to plan ahead

Should I take a thick coat and gloves, or a thin t-shirt and shorts?

This was going through my mind recently before a work trip to Edinburgh, on route from Newcastle by rail. The journey up the east coast was a beautiful mix of blue skies and blizzards in five minute bursts as we pierced through the weather systems at high speed. The weather provided a warm welcome when I did walk out into the busy streets of Edinburgh.

When I arrived at the hotel I found myself gazing at the rolling hills on the horizon, watching as the snow slowly engulfed them.

Can you tell I love weather watching? Ever since I was a child I have loved the way nature changes, especially in extreme cases. I was fortunate to witness a waterspout a few miles out to sea off the coast of Majorca when I was 11 or 12 during a family holiday, back when video cameras were pretty big, too big to take to the swimming pool that day. Oh how I wish we did!

And now, I’m at home, reading The God Delusion outside in the heat thinking what difference a week or so can make.


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