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Mental Illness vs Religion

OCD has been kicking my backside recently. Sometimes I laugh at how much I preach on my blog about religious rituals being illogical when I am finding it increasingly difficult to do things in multiples of three. Or why I fail to check electrical appliances just the once despite staring at them for so long before going to bed.
Why should I tell other people about the illogical nature of worship and religious ritual when I am easily the weirdest individual in my social circle? 

Well, it’s because I understand it’s illogical. I don’t go about my life reassuring myself that what I do on a day to day basis is normal. I’m seeking help to relieve me of such burden.

I see so many people daily practice religious beliefs, sport religious clothing blatantly affecting daily life and refraining from activities that are morally sound for no other reason than religion. 

This is why I am confident in my argument. From day one I have constantly battled with involuntary and incredibly strong, illogical urges to do things against my will. When I fight against them, with the help of therapy despite the immediate uncomfortable feeling, I have an overwhelmingly large weight lifted from my shoulders. This is the same experience I had leaving religion. You can spend your days living an irrational and uneccesarially fearful existence, or you can try to leave that behind.

I know what I would prefer.


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  1. This is an interesting take on religion. I grew up in the church but ultimately shied away from it after not really enjoying the experience. Being a child, interpreting the Bible was a frightening experience for me to say the least lol. I agree with you that people should not live their lives in fear however I respectfully disagree that the concept of religion is illogical. There are therapeutic aspects of religion and I think there are people who truly benefit and grow as a person by practicing their faith. That being said there is certainly an extreme that is unhealthy for sure. Thank you for the thought provoking post! 🙂

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    • Thank you for your comment. I believe there are aspects of organised religions that are beneficial however to conclude that any religion is superior has to be illogical. Do you believe in one religion over another?

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      • Personally I don’t practice religion but I do consider myself a spiritual person…I try to keep an open mind about all of it lol easier said than done sometimes. I just feel like if someone is getting something positive out of it…well…it’s logical to them. We tend to repeat the things that make us feel good.

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      • ‘We tend to repeat the things that make us feel good’- which is great! As long as the same people aren’t approving laws or opinions that affect others. I’m all for people believing what they want but sadly too many people tell other people how to live because it’s their personal opinion. This is why I feel religion fails.

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      • Oh yes, in that way I have to agree…this is why I choose not to adhere to any set religion…I like to be free to entertain many unknowns lol makes life more interesting 🙂

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