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Atheists lack social skills?

Do atheists lack social skills? This is the question asked by blogger Natural Wonder. According  to the blogger, we aren’t gifted in the old social department.

Certainly my first encounters with atheists would seem to suggest so. So busy telling it how it is that they miss any sort of emotional cues that what they are saying might be offending those with whom they are talking. Perhaps they just don’t care.

Being told how it is. This is hardly a tragic event to experience. I asked if the author could recall the last time (s)he was beheaded, burned at the stake, held as a sex slave, discriminated against due to gender or sexual orientation… Is ‘telling it how it is’ this the very worst of atheism?!

This is where the hypocrisy lies. Regardless of this bloggers religion I guarantee many more horrific acts are taking place in the name of the religion they support. 

The atheist lacks social skills? Ha. The fact you came out of the situation unscathed shows otherwise.

Oh that’s right, offence is taken not given. It shouldn’t matter that people are offended, especially if they believe a whole bunch of fairytale crap like religion or reiki healing or some such other rubbish to which people subscribe. Isn’t that right?
So atheists can justify their insensitivity by claiming that they speak the truth. Does that make it OK. Or more to the point, doesn’t this just confirm that they do indeed lack social skills.

Does this show atheists lack social skills, or that there are many adults lacking maturity and a willingness to hold an adult conversation?

Is it this lack of care for social acceptance that leads people to disregard the authority of god? Or is it that anti-social people don’t fit into religious groups therefore don’t have as much incentive to believe in a god/s?

Neither. It’s because you have been sucked into society and supposed ‘normality’ to such an extent that you cannot understand that being told you may be wrong isn’t as immoral as you believe. It may be a shock at first, yes. But think of those outside of your religion that suffer because they don’t fit in. 

Go on, it doesn’t take much thought.

Whatever the relationship between atheism and social capacity, atheists certainly don’t take hostages when it comes to speaking truth. 

You’re right, we don’t. Religions do enjoy taking hostages however, commiting horrific acts in the process. 

Why am I meant to feel bad about being an atheist again?

This has contributed to a rather hostile environment for anyone seeking to fall gently from faith, or any other supernatural / superstitious set of beliefs.

Atheism shows hardly any hostility in comparison the ideologies we refute. You don’t know how un-threatened you are in the presence of an atheist, you could always choose to blog in the violent nature of your religion…

Ha, like that’s going to happen. 

Rose tinted glasses are very similar to blood soaked ones.


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  1. So you don’t think that there is a connection between a lack of belief in god/s and lack of social ability?

    Yet Christians groups seem much more caring and supportive. Could it be that a respect for an all seeing all powerful creator impacts individuals to be on their best behavour?

    Can we gain anything from looking at the demographics of those who identify as atheists?

    There is also the possibility that the internet isn’t assisting atheists with their social skills.

    But even anti-social behaviour online could just be the teething problems of a new interface.

    Still none of this explains why Christian groups online seem so much more welcoming and kind than atheist groups.


    • No, of course I don’t believe a lack of belief and a lack of social ability correlate.
      Have you seen the protests from Christian groups such as the Westbro Baptists, claiming homosexuals will go to hell? Or the debate within the church to consider whether or not women should be able to have the same titles as men?
      Do you not see all the shit going on in the world? All the discrimination? That’s religion not atheism. If you believe atheists are the ones without the ability to conform to a stable society, you are blind my friend.


  2. The blogger you’re quoting is a theist, correct? The part where they said, “is it that anti-social people don’t fit into religious groups therefore don’t have as much incentive to believe in a god/s?” made me jump up and down going “um–major argument for God fail.” It’s basically confirming the atheist position that belief in god is largely the result of social conditioning rather than a correct conclusion that people can draw from the evidence in the world around them.

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    • Yes, I was thinking much the same thing. There are certainly a percentage of people in our society who for whatever reason lack good social skills. It may just be that these people are more resistant to the indoctrination and social pressure to believe, and so do not wind up theist, or don’t stay theist very long. So atheists would have a higher percentage of these people than random chance would predict. (I’d love to see a study on this!)

      Agreed that it’s a “major argument for god fail” – if god created people wanting them to believe, why would be create some people whose brains were incapable of that belief? That only makes sense if you accept the “evil god” hypothesis.

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  3. “Atheists lack social skills?” have they seen the blogs put out by christian ‘defenders of the faith’ lately? talk about lacking social skills… wow,
    Hello there Ms Kettle, i’m Mr Pot… you’re black.

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